Grab & Go Package

Grab & Go Package

Are you planning a DIY fence installation?

The GRAB & GO program from Fence Dynamics of Ocala is easy, no hassles, pre-packaged and in stock. It takes Do-It-Yourself fencing to the next level. It represents a high quality but cost-effective solution for those customers with a do-it-yourself mindset.

Grab & Go Ppackage Includes

120′ of tongue and groove white vinyl fencing which includes:

The price is $4489 plus tax.

*Delivery and concrete not included and can be added for a fee.

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Installation and Tools


  • Torpedo Level
  • Circular Saw
  • Ready Mix Concrete (1½ Bags per Post)
  • Post Hole Digger
  • Digging/Tamping Bar
  • Stakes and String
  • Tape Measure


Be sure to take a complete inventory of all parts and tools. Do not attempt to assemble the fence if parts are missing or damaged.


Installation Tips

  • Mark the fence location using string and line stakes.
  • Starting with a corner or an end post; dig holes 6” to 12” in diamter and 24” to 36” deep (depending on style). Use the Center-to-Center measurements of the fence style being installed for post distance. Dig next hole. (Suggestion: do not dig more than 1 hole ahead until you are confident in your spacing)
  • Set post to plumb level, tamp and secure, then insert or assemble section. Repeat. (If you need to shorten a section; cut rails at desired length. You may need to modify rails to insert into the post.)
  • Upon completion of a “line”, step back and observe. You may want to lower posts (block of wood on top and slam) or raise posts to match the “grade” (pry, and re-tamp).
  • Follow up specific instructions for gates.
  • Clean, wipe down, spread some grass seed and enjoy!

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